In the life of companies great importance has been given to the concept of self-care and to the creation and sustainability of a stable vision. The property embodies the basic pillar of all these aspects. As a professional real estate management company, we know that real estate is a stable value. With our dedicated and experienced team, and a wide portfolio of real estate management sevices, we provide our customers with a secure future.

What we offer:

  • Real estate consulting services regarding selling . buying or renting properties
  • Independent tenant representation for new or former lease contracts or real estate purchases, as well as negotiation and contractual arrangement of favorable rental or purchase conditions on the tenant's behalf
  • Relocation project management with the selection of external service providers and contractors (furniture survey, management of the final seating plan, from to list, organization of moving phases, internal communication on moving)
  • Conducting inventory management


Varius Consulting Kft.

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